Post-Event Report on the 13th GLMi International Development Seminar


GLM Institute held our 13th International Development Seminar on “Quality Improvement of Basic Education in Africa through Community Participation” on Friday, May 26th, 2017, in Wesley Center. The evening was full of thought-provoking presentations and lively discussions by participants of various nationalities on the role of community in Basic Education in Africa.

Summary of the 13th GLMi International Development Seminar

This March, GLMi has initiated a project called “Capacity Development Project for a Village-Based Sustainable Primary Education Strategy in Kajiado County (CADVES)“. As Mr. Samperu, CADVES Community Liaison Officer, was making a visit to Japan, researchers and practitioners in the field of Basic Education in Africa came together on this occasion and gave presentations according to the following programme:



Scene of group discussion


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