About GLMi


GLMi Kenya is an NGO originated from GLM Institute, Japanese non-profit organization (NPO, that builds the capacity of people to deliver solutions for various development issues around the world.

How GLMi Started

GLMi is an NGO specializing in international development that was established by generous volunteers of development experts from Global Link Management Inc. With the wide-ranging knowledge and experience of the experts, GLMi aims to contribute to the international development sector by growing highly-skilled development workers while continuing to expand our area of activities.


Every day, there are people around the world suffering from chronic socio-economic issues such as conflicts, poverty, hunger, discrimination and inequality. To resolve these problems and build a society that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, we believe that there is a strong need for more people who are conscious about their social responsibilities and take part in high-quality international development projects.

To realize this goal, GLMi specializes in project implementation, policy advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, research, and method development in the fields of education, health, environment, gender, community participation and governance. Also, we facilitate global networking among practitioners, academics and activists, and provide opportunities to gain hands-on work experience to people within and outside of Japan.